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Kava is opposite Tod Library
and around the corner
from Tod Railway Station

31a Rochdale Rd, Todmorden
Calderdale OL14 7LA

Tel 01706 810 880
Email info@kavakafe.net

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Opening Days

Opening Hours
Monday 9am – 4pm
9am – 4pm
Wed, Thurs, Fri 8.30am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm


Our Story


A warm welcome to Kava.
An independent coffee house and licenced vegetarian restaurant with an outdoor terrace with a lovely view over the Rochdale Canal. Located in the heart of Todmorden, just a short walk from the railway station and the market. Free car parking is available to the rear in the Oxford Street Car Park with direct access to the cafe from there. We also have storage facilities for walkers and cyclists along with a bicycle footpump.

Our single estate coffee beans which are blended and roasted by hand produce a widely acclaimed brew and the growers receive 30% above the market price in the New York Coffee Exchange by dealing direct.

We also serve the very best in vegetarian and vegan food, 
with a selection of dairy free and gluten free options on our menu. Our inspiration comes from the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. We also source local and seasonal produce including craft beers. For example, we already use cold pressed English rapeseed oil grown and pressed in Yorkshire.



Our Menu


We have two menus:

Breakfast: which is served until 11:15
Lunch: which is served from 11:45 through to 15:00

We have a very small intimate open kitchen, which means removing breakfast items so we can start to prepare lunch items. This means we can offer our breakfast menu only up to 11:15am.

  • New Proprietor


    “Kava under a new proprietor has lost none of its charm. Immy was very welcoming and the ambience was great. The mushroom soup was as delicious as ever and the sage mushrooms superb. A most enjoyable lunchtime.”


  • A Good Find


    “We tried to get into the place next door (and had already tried another place) but it was packed so ended up in Kava all feeling a bit stressed. The service was great, food delicious (we had been a little sceptical that it was all veggie). Plenty of choice and really tasty and good value. Would certainly return.”


  • Lunch with my mum


    “Absolutely love this place, have been coming for a while and was concerned it wouldn’t be as good when it was recently taken over, however it’s getting better and better. Delicious food, a more varied menu fabulous wine and great staff. Keep up the good work and I look forward to you opening nights at the weekend”



Notes from our Head Barista.

This is where it starts. Approximately 16 grams of finely ground coffee, 2 fl oz of hot water under pressure, creating a rich, flavoursome brew with a substantial *crema.

We only use double portafilters (the bit that holds the coffee). It is generally agreed in our industry that single portafilters are not fit for purpose. I have never yet found one I am happy with.

Therefore, we always use a double shot. Single shots can be requested, we simply discard the extra shot.

*Crema, the creamy head that defines the espresso. It is created by the essential oils in the coffee emulsifying under pressure. 

A good crema signifies that all the prerequisites have been met satisfactorily. Fresh beans, accurate grind, correct tamp, professional extraction rate.


The Cappuccino, along with the Espresso, was probably one of the first Italian style coffees introduced to the UK.

The difference between a cappuccino and a latte is the stretching of the milk.

A cappuccino is made up in three layers: Espresso, Microfoam and then the head of open textured milk, to create the bubbly appearance and taste.

We do not coat ours in chocolate.

Served in a 10 oz porcelain cup


We add hot chocolate to an espresso.

We make it two ways, using a conventional, sweetened hot chocolate, or using our “pure” 100% cocoa hot chocolate.


This drink is made by adding hot water to an espresso. Usually served black, although you will be offered milk.

Extremely similar to a “Long Black”, the only difference being that in a Long Black, the espresso is added to the hot water, rather than the hot water being added to the espresso. Taste wise, there is no difference.

It is served in a 10 floz porcelain cup.

Flat White

Possibly one of the most contentious drinks. Whilst the Kiwis and Aussies argue about the originator, the rest of the world is unable to agree on a production method.

We serve it in either a 6oz, or 8oz (long) glass. We use finely textured milk, gently poured so as not to break the crema cap.

The FW was introduced as a drink for people that wanted a milk based coffee, but without the volume of milk associated with a latte.


A short pulled espresso. To fully understand the ristretto, a little understanding of the process of extraction is required. When extraction occurs, it is a three stage process. Acidic, sweet and finally bitter. 

When making a ristretto, the cup is removed at the end of the second stage (sweet), this produces a sweet, acidic liquid. 


The latte, the milkiest of espresso drinks, where the milk is textured to a fine, velvety microfoam. This drink contains the highest milk to coffee ratio.

Ours is served in a 10 floz porcelain, wide cup.


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Carefully selected food and drink

Our flexible breakfast and lunch menus cater for a proper cup of coffee or tea, quality soft drinks, beer and wine and either sweet and savoury treats or a full meal. We will be adding our menus to our new website soon.

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